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[Sticky] Hackers Gym online meetup - 14th August, 2022

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Dear Members,

It is a great pleasure to inform you all that we will be having an online meetup for all the members and interested students on 14th August, 2022.

This will be a general online meetup and interested participants are requested to fill up the registration form online and provide your suggestions on the topics on which you wish to discuss.

Also, please make sure that you register with your gmail address only, as we will be sending invites for google meet and exclusive to the registered email address provided in the form.

We will be inviting industry professional to help you guide your queries and resolve your doubts with regard to making a career in cyber security.

Registration link - https://forms.gle/aLxEmo8V85ykvpoR6

We request you to also share the attached image to your groups and friends who would like to attend this online webinar.

Thanks and Regards.

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